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Placement Principles

The Placements in the Public Health System: Career Mobility in Action Consensus statement describes the commitment of the signatory organisations to enabling placements within the public health system, within and between partner organisations, to the mutual benefit of individuals, organisations and the system as a whole. The Consensus Statement is underpinned by ten principles. These principles inform the decision-making process for host managers and teams;

1. We will work to enable and facilitate placements around the public health system, reducing bureaucracy where appropriate.

2. We will promote the values and benefits provided by placements for individuals and the sending and receiving organisations, and encourage ease of access to these opportunities.

3. We recognise the need for flexibility in approach, format and content for placements, which will be a matter of agreement between the individual and the sending and receiving organisations.

4. In pursuit of flexibility and reduced bureaucracy, we will work together on the development of common approaches in terms of policies, practices and procedures in relation to placements.

5. That placements should be of mutual and lasting benefit and value to the individual and organisations involved in terms of developing skills, knowledge, experience, understanding and mobility.

6. That placements provide the means for effective learning and development via workplace experience, being experiential, practical and immersive in nature.

7. That placements provide opportunities to enable and build a shared culture in the public health, health and care system.

8. That placements are a demonstrable investment in our people working within the public health system.

9. That placements are to be encouraged in as wide a range of settings as possible.

10. That where signatory organisations do not provide placements themselves, they will work with associated organisations and bodies to promote the principles and benefits of placements in the PH system.

Additionally in the West Midlands we have three further principles;

11. All organisations will develop a process for consideration of placement requests to ensure the process is equitable.

12. Placement priority will be given to trainees on the higher specialist public health training scheme from within the West Midlands.

13. Every organisation, team and department is entitled to decline requests.

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