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Welcome to the West Midlands Alcohol Licensing network

A dynamic and innovative group meeting to share good practice from across the West Midlands, working in partnership with stakeholders to identify key public health policy directives that can be linked to licensing policy to influence the strategic direction and support frontline practice. 

Members are inspirational and self motivated with a strong commitment to improve the service and save lives. Meetings can be face to face or virtual through social media and teleconference.  Stakeholders include; providers and commissioners representing local authority, Public Health England, NHS, Police and the third sector.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Think Local, Act Local

This document provides advice for public health teams engaging in the review of their local statement of licensing policy. It suggests ways to approach the process as well as providing links to support materials and case studies.


Alcohol licensing: a guide for public health teams

This guidance, formally known as the Analytical Support Package, brings together nationally available data and materials with local authority information to support local authorities in accessing and using a range of databases and tools. Local teams are able to input their own data and create interactive maps and reports to help them in their existing role as a responsible authority.  It includes information around licensing and public health, licensing policy, cumulative impact policies, applications for licences, data and information tools, primary research to support the licensing process, and other information.

Available at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/alcohol-licensing-a-guide-for-public-health-teams

Torquay Breathalyser scheme evaluation

The success of a police pilot project in Torquay where doormen at licensed premises breathalysed suspected drunks could see the scheme implemented across Devon and Cornwall. Read more here

Breathalyser 'on the door' schemes

A growing number of areas are introducing breathalysers on the door of premises in attempts to reduce alcohol-related problems.

To read the full Alcohol Policy UK document click HERE

Alcohol, health inequalities and the harm paradox - IAS report

Research suggests that multiple factors may explain why the worst health problems –  obesity, social disorder and mortality rates – occur among  most deprived socioeconomic groups read full articleHERE

Overprovision of Licensed Premises in Scotland: A Public Health Perspective (2014)

In Scotland, the number of premises licensed to sell alcohol is controlled through a system of local licensing boards. Legislative changes in recent years have given such boards an objective of ‘protecting and improving public health’. Read this and more alcohol related articles on the University of Stirling website here

Alcohol abuse linked to number of licensed premises in Scotland

Scottish neighbourhoods with the most licensed premises have the highest rates of alcohol-related illness and deaths, according to a new study. Hospital admissions are "significantly higher" in neighbourhoods with easier access to alcohol. For full BBC article click here

Online & home delivery sales?

Last year a report by Alcohol Concern Cymru said children are often able to access alcohol via home delivery services. It found 15% of the young people surveyed stated they had successfully bought alcohol online, and over two thirds found it “easy” to do so. The report also covered a South Wales Police test purchase operation, in which 15 year olds attempted to buy alcohol from major supermarket grocery websites. In 44% of the test cases, alcohol was delivered to the test purchasers in person with no proof of age requested. However no further information in this area seems to be available since the report.
In 2012 Serve Legal and Plymouth University jointly published a report warning against both online and proxy sales as the emerging battleground for underage sales. Yet over the last five years, prosecutions for both underage sales and proxy purchases have been falling. Could it be time for more action in these areas?

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Taken from Alcohol Policy UK

Healthy Places Alcohol Control 2012

Healthy Places Alcohol Control toolkit - Sept. 2012. A summary of local alcohol regulation

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Jo Dodd - 07815 490436

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