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Basics in Public Health

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Duration: 10.00 - 13.30

This workshop will provide a broad overview of Public Health. The workshop will cover the following Public Health topic areas:

1. What is public health?

This session will explore what we mean by ‘public health’ and how it is different from health care and the treatment of illness.

2. Health inequalities and the determinants of health

There are wide differences in health across different parts of the country and across different communities. People in some areas will, on average, die nearly 10 years earlier than people in other areas. This session will describe some of these differences and then explore the influences that lead to these inequalities.

3. The three domains of public health

(Public health is made up of three interlinked areas, the domains of public health. This session will provide an overview of each area of public health using examples to show how this affects individuals and communities.

  • Healthcare public health – ensuring that health care and treatments are effective and making sure that money is spent in the best possible way.
  • Health protection – protecting the health of the public. This includes managing disease outbreaks and epidemics, but also a much wider range of risks to human health.
  • Health improvement – improving everyone’s health and the health of the population.

4. How do we know things in public health? Data

Public health is about improving the health of the public. To do this we need to know

  • What is happening?
  • Why it is happening?

  • What we can do to change things?

This session will look at each of these areas. It will explore how we collect data and turn it into useful information that tells us what is happening. It will then show how we find out why it is happening and understand what works in improving the health of individuals and populations.

This workshop is aimed at:

  • The wider public health workforce,
  • Those with a role in public health but may not have a public health background
  • Those who work closely with public health teams and want to gain more understanding
  • New to Public health
  • Those who may wish to refresh their knowledge in public health



Agenda to follow soon

Venue details

Microsoft Teams

Hosted by Sandwell MBC
Freeth Street
West Midlands
B69 3DE


Jo Dodd - 07815 490436

Rajdeep Atwal - 0121 569 5121