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Duration: 09.30am - 15.30pm

The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) West Midlands, Learning for Public Health and Public Health England will be delivering a free workshop in Data Science:  

Key issues to be addressed:

  • What is data science?
  • How is data science being developed and used in Public Health?
  • How can data science potentially help Local Authorities to improve the health of their populations? How can it provide fresh insight?
  • What are the challenges of using data science in public health?
  • What is the future for data science in Public Health and what is its potential?

Venue details

MAC, Cannon Hill Park, Queen's Ride, Birmingham B12 9QH

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Hosted by Sandwell MBC
Freeth Street
West Midlands
B69 3DE


Helen O'Donnell - 07815 490 436

Rajdeep Atwal - 0121 569 5121